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Hackers Hack Apex Legends To Complain About Hackers In Titanfall




Those who played Apex Legends yesterday may have noticed a strange message called "Save Titanfall". The message appears in playlists and notifications, and many report that they can not join any other playlists than the hacked one. The playlist in question is also broken, so affected players have not been able to play at all.

The message in question points to a website where the motivation for the action is described in more detail. The person or persons behind the website - the hacker claims to have no connection to it - say that Titanfall continues to be sold even though it is "completely unplayable" due to hackers using exploits. Furthermore, they claim that both Electronic Arts and Respawn are fully aware of the problem, but choose to ignore it.

The problem in Apex Legends should now be solved, according to Respawn's Twitter account. There, they refer to the event as a "matchmaking problem". On Twitter, most people do not seem to be too upset about what happened, but instead focus on asking for heirloom shards - a currency in the game - as compensation.




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