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May the 4th be with you! - Here are all the upcoming Star Wars games




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  1. 1. Which of all the upcoming Star Wars games are you most looking forward to?

    • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake
    • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2
    • Star Wars: Hunters
    • Star Wars FPS
    • Star Wars-RTS
    • Story-driven Star Wars game
    • Open World-Star Wars
    • Star Wars: Eclipse

Star Wars interest, like everything else, goes in cycles. We see periods of extreme drought, followed by bombardment, and in between perhaps some sort of semi-squal. Movies as well as TV series and games, all seem to live in some sort of constant treadmill.

Right now, we're in a slump, at least game-wise. However, there are many projects that lie in the future - the "divorce" between EA and Lucasfilm (they are still buddies, as you will see below) has opened up for more studios that hopefully aim to make Star Wars great again.

To celebrate this year's "May the 4th be with you," the in-office Star Wars day, we list here all the upcoming games that have been announced.

And then, of course, you should vote for which title you are most looking forward to!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake
An old classic is to be resurrected in new garb. No remaster, but a full-fledged remake. The hopes of the now-age fans are, of course, monumental. Aspyr media (one of the biggest porting developers) is responsible for the content, and the game is first released exclusively for PS5, and then comes to PC. No details, screens or films are made public. Nor a release date.
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2
Respawn is working a sequel to the well-received, but some slightly spirited, Jedi Fallen Order. The original took us on a journey that took place shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith, but we don't yet know anything about the content of the sequel. No release date has been communicated. Rumored to be on display at Star Wars Celebration May 26-29.
Star Wars: Hunters
A free-to-play multipayer game that will be released for mobiles and Nintendo Switch this year. Here, the resentments take over after the Empire has fallen, and we've been promised a bunch of familiar characters competing in an arena on the planet Vespaara. Several maps are on the menu, in something resembling a kind of battle royal fight.
Star Wars FPS (no title advertised)
Respawn has another Star Wars game under the rug, in addition to Fallen Order 2. It is described as a first-person shooter, and is directed by Peter Hirschmann who has been involved in Battlefront and early Medal of Honor games. No details have been announced, nor any release date. It is said that the game will take over the somewhat fading torch from Battlefront, where the last two parts were developed by Dice.

Star Wars-RTS (no title advertised)
A third Respawn-intended game is a real-time strategy title that they don't develop, but instead produce. The studio that has received the honor is instead Bit Reactor, which is partly made up of old veterans with both Xcom and Civ on their résumés. Again, we don't have a release date, nor any screens or movies.

Story-driven Star Wars game (no title advertised)
Amy Hennig is back. Again. We really hope she gets to run the line this time, along with new studio Skydance Media. After the story-driven game that went by the working name Project Ragtag was discontinued along with EA studio Visceral, fans have been craving more depth in their Star Wars games. Perhaps a title that focuses on "richly cinematic action-adventure" and an "original story" can fill the hole in our hearts.
Open World-Star Wars (no title advertised)
Massive Entertainment is working on yet another story-based game, but this time in some kind of open world format. The Snowdrop engine from The Division games will be used, but beyond that, there is no information of value whatsoever. Maybe it would be that an old Tom Clancy fox is working as the creative director of the project. Ubisoft is the publisher. Everything else is very unclear.
Star Wars: Eclipse
From the studio behind Detroit: Become Human, Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain comes another SW title that we assume will have great narrative depth. The game takes place during the time of The High Republic, when the Jedi had its heyday. You'll get to play several different characters, explore the hitherto unexplored The Outer Rim, and play the classic "your choices have repercussions" game. New planets and beings are promised, but much more than that we do not know. No release date has been set.




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