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Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22




There will be a total of ten specialists at launch, but the changes will not stop there. You can choose completely freely in the arsenal, regardless of which type of soldier the specialist is based on. An engineer with a sniper rifle, driving in the wind! The only thing that is locked is their special abilities and according to the producer Marie Granlund, there are both passive and active, but she could not reveal if they are handled via cooldowns or the like.

Spontaneously, it feels like a positive change. People will probably grumble a little about the abilities, but being able to tailor your soldier yourself feels like a trump card in this context. Everyone who played Battlefield has ended up in the situation where they had to start over with a new class and its weapons, which always felt like a boring threshold. And a further step in this is the opportunity to be able to mod their weapon in the step. If you go from cramped indoor environments to more open spaces, a red dot sight is not the best aid. One push of a button brings up the new plus system that allows you to quickly change the view, magazine and other weapon accessories.

Quick Facts

  • The game will be released on October 22 and will be available for both Xbox Series, Playstation and PC, as well as previous generation consoles. On the first three, the number of players will rise to 128 players, while Xbox One and Playstation 4 will remain at 64.
  • The two confirmed game modes are Conquest and Breaktrough, but also a brand new one called Hazard Zone which is not supposed to be a Battle Royale. It should be group-focused and be about "high stakes".
  • Seven maps will be available at launch and they will be ravaged by tornadoes and sandstorms, among other things.
  • Battlefield 2042 focuses on multiplayer and has no single player campaign. However, Dice LA is working on a third component to the game, which should be like a love letter to Battlefield fans. It may be the rumored remaster of Battlefield 3, but more on that later this summer.
  • Soldier types (assault, engineer, etc.) are replaced by ten different specialists who have special abilities, such as drones and machine guns. New for the series that everyone can use all weapons, nothing is tied to any class anymore.

Levolution is still a concept in Battlefield 2042 and various events will change the way the map is played. Maybe the big space rocket exploded, a tornado or sandstorm might pull in over the battlefield, and so on. Let's hope the levolution aspect is cranked up a notch and will force players to really rethink how they take over points.

Dice is silent about which other game modes will be launched, but at the same time says that they divide Battlefield 2042 into three segments. All-out warfare is the classic Battlefield experience, where Conquest and Breakthrough are given parts. Then they also work on one called Hazard Zone, which they repeatedly pointed out is not a battle royale (they even confirmed that there will be no such thing at launch). This will be revealed later. Maybe something like Escape from Tarkov?. They describe it as a "completely new game mode for groups, with high stakes and never seen in the Battlefield series before".

Later this summer, at EA Play, they will showcase the third part, developed by Dice LA and described as a love letter to Battlefield veterans. Whether this may be the rumored remaster of Battlefield 3 remains to be seen. It also feels like EA would be eager to challenge Call of Duty's free offer Warzone.



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