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Swedish couple wants to buy Christmas song – and stop it



OK, we know this is not the typical article and that it is far from what we normally write about. But listen, it is that time of year and this is just, hilarious and outright pathetic.

It is virtually impossible to miss the Christmas song “Last Christmas” with Wham during the Christmas holidays.

Now the Swedish couple Tomas and Hannah Mazetti want to ban the song forever – through a fundraiser to be able to buy the rights.

"We asked our friends how much they would be willing to pay to avoid hearing that song ever again, Tomas says.

“Last Christmas” with Wham was released in 1984 and since 2007 has gone up to the singles list’s top-40 almost every year. Last year, the song took first place, as did it 2020.

But not everyone appreciates the Christmas classic.

The Mazetti couple in Gothenburg feel such a fiery disgust at the song that they have started a fundraiser to remove it. So far, the spouses have reached out to people who say they are prepared to donate a total of SEK 600,000 – in the hope of buying the rights and banning the Christmas song forever.

"We noticed immediately that quite a few were prepared to pay quite a lot, says Tomas Mazetti.

But despite approaching the million, it takes much more to succeed in buying “Last Christmas” owned by Warner Chappell Music UK. According to the British Daily Star, the price tag is estimated to be around $25 million.

Tormented by the Christmas classic at work

Tomas Mazetti says that his wife Hannah’s hatred was born 13 years ago when she was tormented by the song during her time as a cafe assistant – it was almost constantly played at the workplace in Oxford, UK.

She and her husband began to ask their friends how much they would be willing to pay to never have to hear the song again.

When the notes of “Last Christmas” began to be heard in November 2022, they were reminded of the idea and started the collection “No more Last Christmas”.

"It’s fun because people to get so angry, while we see it as a joke. Many people seem to think that we want to ruin the Christmas joy, says Tomas Mazetti.

What are your thoughts? Do you love or hate the classic “Last Christmas”?


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