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The Creators of AI-Driven "Aim Bot" Shut Down After Activision Gets In Touch




A new type of auto aim cheat that relies on machine learning to kill opponents of the cheater. This was done using a video stream from the player's monitor, and could thus be used on both console and PC. However, the developer User Vision seems to have made a little too much of a fuss, because their website has now been replaced with a message saying that they are shutting down, while at the same time taking down all the videos that marketed the cheat.

In the notice, "User101" states that the person in question will no longer develop or provide access to software used to cheat in Activision's games, following a request from the company. Furthermore, the person points out that the new software with machine learning never had time to be released, but that it was just on its way.

In conclusion, User101 says that the technology can have other uses, such as using a webcam to control movements in the game without using arms and legs. However, due to the potential negative uses, User101 will not continue the development.

With that said, it's definitely not the last thing we've seen of machine learning and AI when it comes to cheating.



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