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Amazon About Potential "Pay to Win" In New World




After several delays, Amazon's MMO project New World will launch its beta test today, but some concerns based on leaked information from the alpha test remain. Players who alpha tested the game in May announced that Amazon planned to add a store with "premium currency" to the game.

There they would not only sell cosmetic items, but also "boost items" that, for example, can make it faster to level up their character - something that is common in free to play games, but rarely welcomed in games like this, which you have to buy to play. The answer from Amazon Game Studios was that items in the store "at launch will only be of a cosmetic nature".

Ahead of the beta test, David Verfaillie - creative director of the game - has also emphasized that they have heard the community's feedback regarding purchased boosts in the game. In a question and answer session that Eurogamer attended, he said that the focus will be on cosmetic items to make his character a little more handsome, and that they do not want the game to be pay to win.

But even though there will only be cosmetic items at the time of release, it's clear that Amazon is eager to add boost items to the game. "We believe there is room for quality of life improvements in the game without crossing the line to pay to win - that's something we will not do."

When asked what these "quality of life" improvements could be, he gave extended storage space as an example, and that it can be a good option for those who do not have time to use the other ways to expand the storage space that is in the game and which does not cost money.


What are your thoughts about this? I'm fine with booster items, I mean, if you don't want the boost, don't buy the item. As long as it's not stats boosting that give you an advantage over other players I don't see anything wrong with in-game items being sold. It's a company, they need to make money, even if the game is buy to play, it's not subscription based and people need to understand that to keep the game going and to keep up the quality they need an income. And it really is simple... If you do not like what the in-game store have to offer, DON'T BUY FROM IT...



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