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Dice Continues To Tease Battlefield 2042's New Game Mode




EA Play Live did not offer much new, but there was some talk about Battlefield 2042, including the new game mode that will be officially unveiled on July 22. We know we'll get to play on classic Battlefield maps, but Dice does not want to reveal more about the experience itself before the unveiling.

Rumor has it that it will be called Battlefield Hub and that it will be remastered maps with classic vehicles and weapons, but which will be played with Battlefield 2042's Specialist system rather than previous game classes. The game mode is developed by Ripple Effect Studios, formerly known as Dice LA.

Another new game mode is Hazard Zone. Oskar Gabrielson from Dice said that it is a group-based game mode that is not a classic battle royale, but something more modern. More information about Hazard Zone will be revealed this fall. Furthermore, they pointed out again that Battlefield 2042 is only a multiplayer experience and that they intend to expand the game after the release with the increasingly common seasonal concept.

Gabrielson also talked a bit about the fact that he believes that cloud computing will make a big difference for future fps and, among other things, take care of things like AI, destruction and procedural content, so that even a console or computer can put its computing power on something else. We do not know whether it will be relevant for Battlefield 2042, but it would probably be cool with hyper realistic destruction that makes the previous games fade in comparison.




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