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EA hacked, source code from Frostbite and Fifa in the open

Gaming giant EA has been hit by intrusion. Hackers allegedly stole over 780 GB of the company's data, containing tools, source code, development tools and more, Vice states. The intruders are said to have accessed both source code and code for matchmaking servers for Fifa 21, source code and tools for the game engine Frostbite (which runs Battlefield and other games), SDK (development tools), and more. According to Vice, those responsible are trying to sell what they have come across in var

Sea of Thieves music released on colorful vinyl

One of the best things about Sea of Thieves is undoubtedly the wonderful soundtrack composed by Robin Beanland (Jet Force Gemini, original Killer Instinct, Conker's Bad Fur Day), which really sets a good pirate mood. Now this brilliant soundtrack is about to be released as a luxurious vinyl edition. We can look forward to 125 minutes of Sea of Thieves music delivered in an LP collection with three vinyls printed on "Tropical Island Colored Vinyl". There is also a 24-page storybook that sits


Sirmadsen in Music

Judge stops Fortnite from Apple products

A U.S. federal judge has ruled that Apple does not have to allow "Fortnite" to return to the App Store. Apple is arguing with "Fortnite" creator Epic Games about the payment model in games released on Apple platforms, where Epic thinks Apple requires an unreasonably large portion of the pie, and believes that Apple has a form of monopoly position. Epic has requested that "Fortnite" be made available again in Apple's digital store until the conflict is settled in court, whose negotiatio


Sirmadsen in Apple

EA made nearly $1 billion in micro-transactions - In three months

EA just announced how much money they raised during last year's final quarter. Not entirely unexpectedly, they made some money selling games like FIFA 20 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order during the Christmas trade. But what is perhaps most fascinating is that they withdrew nearly one billion dollars in microtransactions during these months. In total, EA raised $ 1.593 billion during this quarter, with $ 361 million of them being profit. Of these $ 1,593 billion, $ 993 million was withdrawn


Sirmadsen in Electronic Arts

Nearly 40% of American gamers play at work

A new survey, released last week, suggests a good chunk of gamers are spending time on their favorite hobby at work — meaning several of you reading this article are gaming when you shouldn’t be. The survey, compiled by Limelight Networks, was taken by over 3,000 gamers across six countries: the US, UK, France, Germany, South Korea, and Japan. The questions ranged from “How many hours do you spend playing video games per week?” to “Will you continue to play online games or make purchases fr


Sirmadsen in Gamers


NVIDIA researchers have come up with some new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can help fill in the blanks with respect to images that have either been corrupted or otherwise having missing details. With a team lead by NVIDIA’s Guilin Liu, missing pixels can be quickly reclaimed with stunning results. This process, which NVIDIA calls image inpainting, can be used not only for restoring missing image pixels, but also for removing an unwanted object from a scene and filling it bac


Sirmadsen in Nvidia

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