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Samsung Sending Out Copyright Warnings Regarding Rumors

Lately, a bunch of leaked press photos of Samsung's upcoming products have been surfacing. We've seen the company's new phones, headphones and smartwatches. According to Max Jambor, Samsung is now tired of it and has started sending out copyright warnings to those who publish photos and videos showing the company's unannounced products. He believes that this "is just the beginning". Evan Blass also says that Samsung has chosen to have a more aggressive approach to leaked material.  Oth


Sirmadsen in Samsung

Google Sued By US States - The Company Defends Itself

Google has been sued by 36 US states and the Washington DC. The company is alleged to have abused its control over the Play Store. The lawsuit calls into question Google's 30% charge for all in-store purchases. A year ago, Google clarified its policy regarding fees for in-app purchases, which was primarily a way to prevent a collection of successful titles from circumventing the existing rule. Google defends itself in a post on its product blog. The company says users can download apps


Sirmadsen in Google

Google Has Removed Nine Apps That Could Steal Users Facebook Passwords

Google has banned nine apps from the Play Store after it was discovered that the apps could steal users Facebook passwords. In total, the apps had been installed over six million times. Security researchers at Dr Web discovered the insidious behavior. The apps disguised themselves by offering functionality for, among other things, image editing, training, horoscopes, and disk cleaning. The titles were also claimed to offer a feature that blocks ads inside apps. The attackers claimed th


Sirmadsen in Google

Intel Teases Big News About Its Geforce / Radeon Competitor

Intel is developing graphics cards so powerful that they are suitable for gaming, thus challenging AMD and Nvidia, which have dominated the market for more than two decades. The gaming-oriented cards have the working name DG2 and are based on the Xe-HPG architecture, and Intel has indicated that the cards can measure up to the Geforce RTX 3070. Now Intel is suggesting that something big is coming regarding the Xe-HPG. In a Twitter push for the Odyssey promotional campaign: "We are soon


Sirmadsen in Intel

Windows 11 Will Have Support For Android Apps

Microsoft surprised many by announcing that Windows 11 has built-in support for Android apps, which can be downloaded from the platform's new software store. Microsoft has had the help of Amazon's app store and uses Intel Bridge. Android apps can be pinned to the taskbar and run alongside standard Windows applications. Microsoft has invested in Android apps in Windows before. In 2015, Microsoft tried to get developers to port their Android apps to Windows, but that investment was quickly dr

Leaked Document Confirms? Oneplus And Oppo Are About To Merge

A leaked, internal document that appears to be information intended for the Chinese home electronics manufacturer Oppo's PR department, now seems to confirm that Oneplus will be merged with Oppo writes The Verge. The document, which was discovered by the well-known "leaker" Evan Bliss, describes, among other things, that Oneplus will become a brand subordinate to Oppo, but will continue to exist as "an independent unit". It also states that the merger will free up more resources for th


Sirmadsen in News

Windows 11 Leaked

An internal build of Windows 11 seems to have leaked online and is circulating on various pirate sites. Windows Central seems to have gotten a copy and shows a bit what the new operating system has to offer in the clip below. The operating system's Reddit site, r/windows11, contains lots of clips and pictures, so if you want to see more, you can check out that page.  


Sirmadsen in Windows

Xbox Series X will support AMD's new graphics technology

Microsoft confirms Xbox support for AMD's FidelityFX. On Wednesday, AMD presented its challenger to Nvidia's technology DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). The challenger which they call FidelityFX Super Resolution and it will increase both resolution and image update without sacrificing performance. Microsoft has now confirmed that the same technology will be supported on Xbox Series S and X. To IGN they said the following:      "At Xbox, we'm excited about the potential of


Sirmadsen in Xbox

Nvidia postpones the release of RTX 3070 until October 29

It was actually thought that Nvidia would launch its new RTX 3070 on October 15, but it seems that the graphics card manufacturers have pulled the emergency brake on these plans. Instead, they aim to launch the card on October 29 instead. The reason behind this, according to Nvidia, is that the company wants to produce more cards, so that all buyers will be able to buy the card directly on the release day, which sounds quite reasonable considering the RTX 3080 release that went like this. I


Sirmadsen in Nvidia

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