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Oh no BHVR... Not again...

Soo... A new bug have arise in Dead by Daylight where you can get permanent wallhacks in a match if using the perk Blood Pact and you are injured, Object of Obsession will trigger and stay on for the entire match. This was brought to devs attention in the DbD forums. But, instead of acknowledging it and saying thanks for bringing this to our attention, they just straight up deleted the posts from the forum and the bug is still present. From what I understand from the YouTuber and Twitc

Dead by Daylight Developer Behaviour going after critical content creators

It has come to our attention that Behaviour, the studio behind the horror 4v1 game Dead by Daylight have taken some sort of retaliation against the content creator Dowsey, known for his educational DbD content with over 700 videos on his YouTube channel and almost 64k follower on Twitch. The developer team recently had a live Q&A stream where they went through select questions, yes, select questions, not live questions in a Live stream, and they made some very weird analogies to sports

Dead by Daylight codes February 2022

New codes drop occasionally. DBD Bloodpoint codes can earn you a whole lot of Bloodpoints. Meanwhile, other DBD redeem codes reward players with cosmetics and charms. Below you will find all the currently active codes for Dead by Daylight: DBDTHEBOARDGAME — Redeem code for 200,000 Bloodpoints PRIDE — Redeem code for a Rainbow Flag Pride Charm. (Permanent) Nice — Redeem code for 69 Bloodpoints (new players only?) Note that there are almost daily DBD login rewards for 50,000, so

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