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Dying Light 2 First Biomarker safe code riddle solution

The First Biomarker quest has three riddles you will need to solve in order to learn the safe code, and this guide will help you crack all three riddles from Dr Katsumi's note. The First Biomarker quest is one of the early game missions in Dying Light 2 which is given to you by McGregor in Houndfield. The first biomarker is supposedly a device that can reveal to people if they will turn into the Infected or if they are safe, but apparently, it also has some desirable side effects that wil

Dying Light 2 will be able to be upgraded completely free of charge to new generation consoles

Techland's zombie parkour game Dying Light 2 - Stay Human is only a week away from release. The developers are happy to say that those who buy the Playstation 4 and Xbox One version will be able to upgrade to the Series X / S and PS5 version completely free of charge if needed later. However, it is a bit unclear what exactly the changes will be between the versions, but in the trailer below, three different graphics settings have been shown. Wild guess is that it is these three settings tha

Techland promises to support Dying Light 2 for the next five years

There are few games that have received such long-term support from the developers as Dying Light. They have ensured that the game has received updates and expansions for a full four years. Techland intends to give the sequel Dying Light 2: Stay Human at least as long-term support. Namely, they promise to support the game for a full five years after it is released. In an interview on the podcast Prankster101, Tymon Smektala said: "Dying Light 1 was supported for four years after its release,

15 minutes of Dying Light 2 gameplay, with paragliding and battles

As previously promised, Techland has recently released a 15-minute gameplay trailer for the upcoming Dying Light 2: Stay Human ( here is one of the previous ones). The demonstration seems to take place fairly early in the game and shows how the player gets a flight screen to be able to get from roof to roof more easily. The flight screen can advantageously be controlled over various warm air currents which, among other things, air conditioners seem to spit out, in order to extend the flight and

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