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Arma 4 has been confirmed with no release date, but a engine demo

We here at Throneofgeeks love Arma and we play it a lot with some great people. Today, Arma 4 was confirmed but with no release date as they are still working on the game. But, another good news was that there is now a working Arma game that uses Bohemia Interactives new Enfusion game engine that Arma 4 will be built upon. We didn't get a lot of information about Arma 4, so our guess is that it is still in early development and will not release for another year or two. Enter Arma Refor


SirMadsen in Arma

Big Arma screening tonight - is Arma 4 finally in the works?

Nine years after Arma 3, it's about time. Tonight, may 17, Bohemia Interactive will present the future of Arma, the mil sim whose third part will soon turn nine years old. So maybe it's finally time for Arma 4..? As you can see, the event starts at 7 p.m. Tuesday night, and it takes place in twitch.tv/armaplatform. Late last year, Bohemia showed a new game engine called Enfusion. It was stated to be more flexible and easier to work in than the older Arma game. The new engine was u


SirMadsen in Arma

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