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Number of simultaneous Battlefield 2042 players on Steam falls below 1,000

In February, it had fewer than 2,000 concurrent players on Steam. For the first time, it has been under 1,000 players. Dice has promised massive changes and has learned "valuable lessons," but the numbers still keep falling. According to Steamchart's statistics, the game has reached a new low record today: 979 simultaneous players. Steamdb's lowest listing is 1,021, but no matter which number is correct, it's low. Battlefield V had an average of 11,585 simultaneous Steam players during

Battlefield 2042 patch released - few changes, but more and bigger are promised by April

Today, patch 3.3 was released for Battlefield 2042, a month and a half after the last one. It's a fairly small update, with an updated scoreboard as the main bait. In addition, some skins are released for those who bought more expensive versions of the game, and a handful of bug fixes: General Fixed a game crash that could occur on Origin or Xbox One when signing in/out while using an Xbox One controller Setting “Chat” Key Bindings no longer requires a game restart to

Dice: Massive Battlefield 2042 changes underway

On his own blog, Dice writes today that they will make massive changes to Battlefield 2042 in the coming time. The first part of the remake is about the general map design in the game. The developer points out five different areas as critical: 1. Travel time - Many players are annoyed at how long it takes to move across the big maps, made for up to 128 players. According to Dice, players mocked the title and called it a "walking simulator". 2. Intensity - Due to the lack of smal

Petition demands money back for Battlefield 2042

That people are disappointed with Battlefield 2042 is probably a fact at this point, and even EA themselves state that they are dissatisfied. The problems have piled up, and last week Dice announced that the game's first season will be delayed so they can focus on the worst bugs and gameplay instead. However, some are not happy with the wait for the game to be fixed, and therefore a petition has been started on Change.org. The goal is 50,000 signatures, and at the time of writing it has 219

EA speaks quietly about Battlefield 2042's numbers, "A disappointment"

It has probably not gone by anyone that almost no one is happy with Battlefield 2042 at present day, and yesterday it was clear that Dice is postponing season one to focus on patching. Whether the efforts are enough remains to be seen. In a new financial report, Blake Jorgensen, CFO at EA, expresses the company's disappointment. "We sold less units than we thought we would." They do not want to go into concrete figures, but Andrew Wilson, CEO, adds that he believes in the game in

EA are not happy with Battlefield 2042 - Can be free-to-play

Whatever one personally thinks of Battlefield 2042, there is no denying that the game has had problems and it can be seen both in sales and in the player base. EA also does not seem happy with DICE's latest work and is currently thinking about what to do with the game. According to a tweet from Battlefield leak Tom Henderson, he says that EA is even considering turning the game into free-to-play. It remains to be seen what EA thinks, but something radical must probably be done. It's not a g

Even the cheat developers seem to be abandoning Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is not doing very well now. Three times more players played the predecessor Battlefield V yesterday, and now comes information that not even the cheat devs are able to continue to deliver unfair advantages to the title. The information comes from game journalist Tom Henderson, who has posted a screenshot from Discord that seems to show a cheat developer who says that they will no longer sell cheat for the game. The reason, however, is not that the game has excellent cheat p

Epochs collides in the trailer for Battlefield Portal

Bad Company 2 characters with Battlefield 3 vehicles on El Alamein? Yes, please. Battlefield 2042 offers a lot of new content, including maps , weapons and specialists . But many learn to spend most of their time in the Battlefield Portal game mode, which contains material from Battlefield 1942 , Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 . What can you invent there? EA and Dice give us a taste of this in the latest trailer. They have also published a blog post where they describe the process of


SirMadsen in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 presents five new specialists

They have everything from target explosives to ballistic shields. The fact that Battlefield 2042 will use specific characters named specialists instead of more anonymous classes has not directly become the most acclaimed feature of the game. In the beta test , we got to test four of them, and via a video, Dice has now shown five more. First out is Navin Rao, who is of the recon class. He can hack both objects in the environment as well as players, and if he kills a hacked player, the t


SirMadsen in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Will Have Cross-Play and Cross-Progression

Good news for anyone who has Battlefield friends spread across multiple platforms: Dice plans to build and test cross-play for Battlefield 2042 so people on different platforms can play with and against each other. Unfortunately, this also means that the technical, closed alpha test will be postponed until later this summer. During this test, they will test the cross-play functionality, and a few thousand players will be invited to play against each other on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Playst


SirMadsen in Battlefield 2042

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