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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will be released on September 1st

Daedalic and Nacon have finally nailed a date for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, and the release is just over three months away. On September 1, the stealth adventure will be released for various consoles and PCs. Various consoles" unfortunately do not include Switch, whose players will have to wait until later in 2022. Since the Gollum game was unveiled in 2019, the information has been scarce, but we got a first gameplay trailer last spring and a more cinematic variant last winter (which


SirMadsen in Gaming

Arma 4 has been confirmed with no release date, but a engine demo

We here at Throneofgeeks love Arma and we play it a lot with some great people. Today, Arma 4 was confirmed but with no release date as they are still working on the game. But, another good news was that there is now a working Arma game that uses Bohemia Interactives new Enfusion game engine that Arma 4 will be built upon. We didn't get a lot of information about Arma 4, so our guess is that it is still in early development and will not release for another year or two. Enter Arma Refor


SirMadsen in Arma

Big Arma screening tonight - is Arma 4 finally in the works?

Nine years after Arma 3, it's about time. Tonight, may 17, Bohemia Interactive will present the future of Arma, the mil sim whose third part will soon turn nine years old. So maybe it's finally time for Arma 4..? As you can see, the event starts at 7 p.m. Tuesday night, and it takes place in twitch.tv/armaplatform. Late last year, Bohemia showed a new game engine called Enfusion. It was stated to be more flexible and easier to work in than the older Arma game. The new engine was u


SirMadsen in Arma

How to revive & resurrect teammates in Evil Dead: The Game

If your teammates have fallen in Evil Dead: The Game, you’ll either need to revive them or resurrect their soul. Here’s how you can bring your teammates back to life in Evil Dead: The Game.  Evil Dead: The Game is a fresh take on asymmetrical horror games, as players team up to defeat the Kandarian demon and the dreaded Deadites. Tackling the undead is no easy feat in Evil Dead: The Game and you’ll likely need to revive your teammates, or even resurrect their souls. Fear not as revivin

How To Find Map Pieces in Evil Dead The Game

Finding the Map Pieces in Evil Dead: The Game When entering a match as one of the defenders of humanity, you will receive a mission objective in the top right corner that will read something like “Collect a piece of the map near Faison farm.” This usually points to the map piece closest to your location, and I believe all players have the same piece to look for at the same time. You may find when approaching this area that the building you were supposed to search doesn’t contain the ma

Evil Dead game classes for survivors and demons

All Evil Dead: The Game classes have their respective powers and roles to play as you go up against either the Deadites and Kandarian demons, or alternatively, against Ash Williams and the survivors. Some excel at ranged combat, some help their allies, some summon allies and some puke on people. Takes all sorts, it seems, but it means there's a class and role for everybody playing Evil Dead: The Game. We'll go through all the Evil Dead classes below, including what they do and how they should be

7 Tips For Beginners In Evil Dead: The Game

Survivors Need To Stick Together One of Evil Dead: The Game's primary mechanics is Fear. As the Survivors explore the map, each character's Fear will increase. The more characters are suffering from high Fear, the faster the Kandarian Demon levels up. If a character's Fear meter is at its maximum, the Kandarian Demon can sense and even possess them, taking temporary control of the character and attacking the other Survivors. Fear is inevitable, but the Survivors can keep it under

Evil Dead The Game Has One Huge Map with Various Locations

Evil Dead The Game will have one huge map and it will have several different locations according to the game developers. Saber Interactive was recently interviewed by YouTuber unCAGEDgamez talking about details of the upcoming Evil Dead The Game. They discussed various topics like gameplay, lore, crossplay, and many more. One of the details first discussed was about the map. Chief Creative Officer Tim Willits revealed that Evil Dead The Game does not have various maps to choose from at

May the 4th be with you! - Here are all the upcoming Star Wars games

Star Wars interest, like everything else, goes in cycles. We see periods of extreme drought, followed by bombardment, and in between perhaps some sort of semi-squal. Movies as well as TV series and games, all seem to live in some sort of constant treadmill. Right now, we're in a slump, at least game-wise. However, there are many projects that lie in the future - the "divorce" between EA and Lucasfilm (they are still buddies, as you will see below) has opened up for more studios that hopeful

Warcraft Arclight Rumble mobile game unveiled

The Warcraft mobile game that have been buzzing about for a while has been unveiled. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is the name, and it is a action strategy of the cuter kind. About 60 heroes are available to fight with and collect, both in single player and with and against friends in both co-op and pvp. The team can be put together and the look customized, and there are five groupings to choose from (alliance, horde, beast, blackrock, undead). The army is to be leveled up and new missions unloc

Star Citizen alpha version 3.17 offers news and a cool trailer

Star Citizen continues its controversial journey towards a possibly finished game, and now alpha version 3.17 has been released, along with the trailer below. This update offers a lot of news, and one of the main ones is that you can now refuel other ships. For example, if there is an extra intense battle, you can buy fuel from other players with tankers. Another welcome news related to trade is that you can now sell the various items that you find in the universe, rather than just regular

Disney has announced the "life simulator" Dreamlight Valley

Disney seems determined to hit the nostalgia nerve of every single person with the announcement of Dreamlight Valley. Classic character after classic character is glimpsed in the trailer for this "life simulator" and adventure game, which will be free-to-play and released for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Game Pass and iOS. The plot revolves around a village that was once idyllic, but which, after an event called "the Forgetting", now lies deserted and ove

Is Ubisoft for sale?

The rumor keeps on going. Bloomberg reports that Ubisoft is talking to potential buyers about a sale of the company. It all doesn't seem entirely unreasonable given all the problems Ubisoft has faced lately, with declining share prices, sales that didn't meet expectations and internal personnel issues that have received a lot of negative attention. According to Bloomberg, it is private equity firms that are currently feeling Ubisoft on the pulse, two of which are named: Blackstone and KKR &


SirMadsen in Other

Diablo Immortal will be released in June for mobile and PC!

Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2, Blizzard said in a video. The big surprise was that the game is coming to PC as well. So far, it has officially only been in the works for mobiles (Android and iOS). It is as you probably know a free to play game, and there will be both crossplay and cross-progression between the platforms, allowing you to pick up and continue on PC where you left off on mobile. And vice versa. The PC version should appear as an open beta, the website tells u

Dead by Daylight codes February 2022

New codes drop occasionally. DBD Bloodpoint codes can earn you a whole lot of Bloodpoints. Meanwhile, other DBD redeem codes reward players with cosmetics and charms. Below you will find all the currently active codes for Dead by Daylight: DBDTHEBOARDGAME — Redeem code for 200,000 Bloodpoints PRIDE — Redeem code for a Rainbow Flag Pride Charm. (Permanent) Nice — Redeem code for 69 Bloodpoints (new players only?) Note that there are almost daily DBD login rewards for 50,000, so

Number of simultaneous Battlefield 2042 players on Steam falls below 1,000

In February, it had fewer than 2,000 concurrent players on Steam. For the first time, it has been under 1,000 players. Dice has promised massive changes and has learned "valuable lessons," but the numbers still keep falling. According to Steamchart's statistics, the game has reached a new low record today: 979 simultaneous players. Steamdb's lowest listing is 1,021, but no matter which number is correct, it's low. Battlefield V had an average of 11,585 simultaneous Steam players during

Secret codes to unlock characters in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Want to play as Mando with Baby Yoda in the actual Razor Crest? Or holiday special C3-PO? Here's the list. ARVALA7 - The Razor Crest ship C3PHOHO - C-3PO (Holiday Special) WOOKIEE - Chewbacca (Holiday Special) TIPYIPS - D-O (Holiday Special) WROSHYR - Darth Vader (Holiday Special) LIFEDAY - Gonk Droid (Holiday Special) KORDOKU - Poe Dameron (Holiday Special) KH7P320 - Aayla Secura XV4WND9 - Admiral Holdo OKV7TLR - Dengar SIDIOUS - The Emperor WBFE4GO - Nute Gunray Z5

Oh no BHVR... Not again...

Soo... A new bug have arise in Dead by Daylight where you can get permanent wallhacks in a match if using the perk Blood Pact and you are injured, Object of Obsession will trigger and stay on for the entire match. This was brought to devs attention in the DbD forums. But, instead of acknowledging it and saying thanks for bringing this to our attention, they just straight up deleted the posts from the forum and the bug is still present. From what I understand from the YouTuber and Twitc

CoD: Warzone is released in mobile formats

Call of Duty Warzone is, as you know, pretty popular. But more want more and now it is clear that Warzone is on its way to mobile formats. The message does not come via a press release or the like, but a job advertisement is clearly telling us about the plans, as Activision will create a ...    The job advertisement is very broad as they are looking for people in several departments, in everything from game design to marketing. They do not go into much detail, so we do not have any k


SirMadsen in Gaming

Ubisoft is looking for Skull and Bones testers - Game not dead

The back and forth project Skull and Bones has been running here and there for several years, and is said to have cost Ubisoft over one billion dollars. But even though it has been described as "too big to fail", some have probably doubted that the finished game will ever be launched. A light in the tunnel, however, is the fact that Ubisoft is now looking for testers for it. The so-called Insider program has now started, and you can register here. This is not a widespread beta or alpha test


SirMadsen in Gaming

Bethesda is working on a five-year roadmap for Fallout 76

In an interview with Ausgamers , design manager Mark Tucker says that they have long plans for the game. Tucker states that he is currently working on a "roadmap" for the game, and that it extends as far as five years into the future. He says that these are actually two separate roadmaps - one for three years and one for five - and that things get a little more fuzzy the further into the future you go. That's not to say that the game is guaranteed to be updated with new content for ano


SirMadsen in Fallout

Overwatch 2 beta and date announced

It finally happened, it's finally here. Blizzard and the Overwatch team just announced Overwatch 2 beta, and it's arriving at late April. They also announced that they will split the PvP and PvE content in order to provide faster updates and content for the both. But wait, that's not all. During the announcement Aron Keller took the time and apologized for the current way the team have handled Overwatch content (or the lack off) and promised to be better. Video in the comments. This is

Mysterious, inaccessible arena in Elden Ring, PvP DLC?

It's of course about exploring, Elden Ring. To experience and discover at your own pace the myriad of strange places and creatures that populate the sad world. But of course it is also about finding out what comes next (and for some also about crossing boundaries that the developer set). Northeast of the game's launch area, for example, is a large building that no one has entered. It looks like a Roman arena, a colosseum, with a single miserable figure in front who only says the cryptic:


SirMadsen in Gaming

Release date for Gotham Knights

It was announced in 2020 and should actually have been released last year, but delays got in the way, as for many other titles during the pandemic. But now WB Games Montreal has confirmed that it will be released this year, specifically October 25. Close to Halloween, which may be appropriate. Because Batman has died in the game, which makes Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin step up to take care of the horrors of Gotham, and then maybe mainly mr. Freeze. The game will be able to r


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