EA is being sued in Canada over loot boxes

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Despite the massive criticism of loot boxes in the fall of 2017, EA has continued to include them in its games. And now the company is being sued in Canada, where they are accused of engaging in illegal gambling by using random mechanics in their games.

Two private individuals are behind a class action lawsuit alleging that EA’s loot boxes are in violation of Canadian law, writes The Patch Notes, which has reviewed the indictment. It claims that EA’s way of using loot boxes will be “an unlicensed, illegal gambling system”, ie illegal gambling activities. Furthermore, it is claimed that the loot boxes are more or less necessary to get ahead in the games, and that it violates Canadian consumer protection.

About 60 EA games from 2008 onwards are included in the prosecution. Unsurprisingly, the loot box-tight sports games Fifa, NHL and Madden NFL, but also Mass Effect, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Dragon Age and Apex Legends.

I am not a fan of loot boxes, I’ve played Overwatch since release and have still not unlocked all cosmetics. We’re talking thousands of loot boxes where I’m sure at least 60-70% have been duplicates. Even in loot boxes bought with real money gives duplicates. Me, I wouldn’t cry if loot boxes disappeared. However, loot boxes is a major income in the business so I doubt EA will go down easy on this law suit.

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