Hidden blades in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla let’s you instant kill like good old times

You can get to wield Excalibur!
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The iconic classic hidden blade from the older AC games has not been as powerful in the latest games such as Origins for example. In other words, sneaking up on an enemy with the weapons of the assassins is no longer equal to guaranteed death. High-level enemies are tough.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla , things will change. If you so wish, that is.

Ubisoft explains settings we can play with ourselves. One of these will allow players to ignore the role-playing game mechanics, and again make “the hidden blade” an instant killer. Franck Murcia, who is responsible for the user experience, believes this can help frustrated players.

We also added a small tweak to the gameplay for some cognitive feedback that helps you assassinate targets with a guaranteed assassination. It’s a small option, but it’s big for players who are struggling with stealth or are getting frustrated.

This will for sure make classic AC players happy, I know I am. This is one of the features I’ve missed in later iteration of the series since I’m a stealth player.

You can also specifically change the difficulty levels for battles, stealth and exploration, as well as choose different control methods to navigate the menus. Speaking of control: you can completely customize it to your liking and taste. You can read more about all the different options here.

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