Will video games be the new music industry?

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During the corona pandemic, video games have become an increasingly important arena for music. Artists who can not perform live suddenly reach millions of audiences in the gaming world. Now the Swedish game Star Stable is investing heavily in music – with the fictional artist Lisa Peterson – and believes that the games can be the new record companies.

More than twelve million people saw the rapper Travis Scott’s concert in Fortnite in April. In August, Japanese singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu gave a concert in the same game and afterwards his album quickly became number one on iTunes in 30 countries. In the Swedish horse and adventure game Star Stable, there are several so-called real artists, but the game has also given life to the successful, fictional artist Lisa Peterson.

We release music as if we were any record company, but with a slightly different range of artists. We want Lisa Peterson to become a world starJimmy Wahlsteen, music manager at Star Stable

“We are both introverted musicians”
Lisa Peterson is one of the games four fate riders. She lives on the island of Jorvik with her father and together with her horse Starshine she solves mysteries and protects Jorvik from dark forces. But she is also a musician and artist. The one who makes the singing voice for Lisa Peterson is Amanda Örtenhag from Sandviken. She has previously played in several different bands and projects.

It’s a little different, that’s it. But I try to understand how she feels, channel her energy. It’s not about me but about herAmanda Örtenhag

In order to get to know Lisa Peterson’s inner life, she has, among other things, played the game and read the books about the fate riders. She has discovered that, after all, they are more alike than different.

– We are both introverted musicians who still have their heart in the right place and their feet on the ground. Both have an emotional interior and a bit tough exterior, and both like country.

As real as others?
Like any record label, Jimmy Wahlsteen works to give Star Stable artists space on streaming services, and he believes Lisa Peterson is perceived as as real as other artists.

– I think you can get the same “connection” with a fictional artist. Lisa Peterson has received a lot of streams on Spotify and followers on Instagram. I just read a comment where someone requested an unplugged album with Lisa Peterson so we will actually release it this fall. I do not see it as she is a marketing for the game. I see her as an artist. We treat Lisa Peterson with the same love as any pop star, it’s just that she’s an avatar, says Jimmy Wahlsteen.

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