One of the best BR games

User Rating: 9
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Apex Legends is by far one of the best battle royal games you can pick up right now. The movement mechanics are great with sprint, slide, wall climbing, catapulting and grappling across gaps. Weapons, even though few, are well balanced and fun enough to use to make them interesting.

All content, skins and heroes can be unlocked by playing the game and is not as grindy as you may think. You can of course also buy in-game currency for real money and unlock faster. But overall the business model here is on of the better and doesn’t require the player to grind and play for years to unlock content (wink wink Overwatch cough).

Graphics are great and result in a smooth experience even on lower end hardware.

There’s really not much more to be said about Apex Legends. If you are into BR games this is surely one you should pick up and try, it’s also free and does no require 120+ GB on you harddrive (cough cough Warzone cough)…

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