Flight Simulator developer makes new game with Microsoft

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Asobo Studio went from being decently unknown to famous almost overnight after the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which became a huge success among both players and the media. So what should Asobo do next? We do not know which game they are currently working on – however, they are now revealing that they are making another game on behalf of Microsoft.

This was revealed in an interview with La Tribune, where Asobo boss Sebastian Wloch also says that Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive developer support for the next ten years and that 120 employees are still working full time on it. In addition, we learn that the game has already sold over a million copies:

“We have already sold more than a million copies of Flight Simulator, and it should sell even more due to the very good feedback we received. So Asobo is doing well.”

One million for PC alone is of course very impressive when you consider that Microsoft Flight Simulator is actually included with the Xbox Game Pass, and it seems to continue to go well as the developers expand it (most recently with a more detailed Japan ) and its upcoming launch to Xbox Series X. Asobo is also working on a third game, in addition to Flight Simulator and the unknown Microsoft title, with Focus Home Interactive as publisher. A qualified guess is that this is a sequel to last year’s hit A Plague Tale: Innocence.

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